Ask TIM How to get Healthy

Dr.Lisa's Partner Store   CLICK HERE Yup.  There I go again with the crazy mnemonics.   What is T.I.M. ?? T - Toxin support:    CLICK HERE   SKU:  DETSUP I - Inflammation support  (with CBD)   CLICK HERE   SKU: CBOM60 M - Mitochondria support    CLICK HERE    SKU: MHN120 How do we get a handle on health?   I'm glad you asked.  We have a serious problem of "toxic immune suppression." Any health problem (and I will include injuries that are healing poorly) is due to a burned out nervous system.  When the body can't bounce back it needs your help.  And don't leave it up to chance just because you feel pretty good today. Just remember TIM.   T -- toxins                      I  --  inflammation M -- mitochondria Get the toxins out of your life. Take steps to reduce chronic inflammation. Do the things that maintain mitochondria health.  When you and I work together on the BFA Protocol, we will assess the level of intervention that will w